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    With a very particular style for these times, we recreated furniture made with ancient techniques and styles. Many of them do not possess even a single screw and assembled with wooden pegs as they did over 1500 years ago. Although some wood finishing is done with modern products for current needs cleaning of the users, do not hesitate to order them with original finishes like beeswax and luster of natural oils or fats. Made with the finest wood from thinning Patagonian administered by National Parks, as Lenga, cypress, coihue, reforestation and other like pine and spruce, you will find not only the nobility of these materials but also to retain its distinctive perfume for years and bring it into their environment these natural fragrances. No furniture is stained and prefer synthetic components enhance its elegance in the colors and natural shine from enjoying a piece of furniture with its original spirit.
    Some of the lamps are made with animal parts which do not necessarily require the death of this, as in the case of those with deer antlers from the natural turning of these after the mating season and are harvested and carefully selected land that have not been damaged and bites by scavengers or predators. For those with antelope horns or tents, are collected in the same way although in these cases the animal was found dead in their habitat. Finally, citizens with porcupine quills, we must clarify that these are usually lost and renewed by the animal throughout its entire life and being modified hairs are replaced by new, longer or stronger. The same applies to those lampshades made with eggs of ostriches and ostrich Africa, which, we must clarify that not all the eggs in a brood are viable and many are abandoned by the birds as producers of food for the chicks are born, generating food as insects that use in turn for food. The eggs, once carefully cleaned and disinfected, they become part of artistic works very widespread in some African cultures.
    While the man from yesteryear, surrounded himself with elements necessary for their survival, they incorporate designs and accessories to make it own unique, distinct. In this way, surrounded himself with beauty and unknowingly founded the artistic expression, even in the most simple of daily use. In Africa, are famous carved wooden benches, wooden pillows so used even today, lamp or candleholder carved wooden elements for identification and decoration of their places of living. The rods are a special material used in the manufacture of utensils, are raw material for many amulets that are believed to bring the spirit of the animal from which came and even today are used in ornaments though often referred to as bone or ivory. Parts made in sandstones of various colors, used to be used as insulation to hold wax hot kitchen, serving a good meal, posa-guan, and so on. Always worked in very different styles of Aboriginal origin, native South American, Native American, African past and present. You may choose between parts made or, choose from an endless number of styles for waiting the required manufacturing time, may have among their most precious possessions, an object of art with the style that you prefer.
    We understand that the taste for decorating an environment with leather or carpets heads of game, is not exclusive to those who practice sport hunting. Friendly atmosphere are often found in hotels and houses whose owners love this style but not practice hunting. These customers will be able to have these decorative elements of an environment without the need to hunt them. They are part of a style widely used in the early twentieth century and were part of a way of life in those days, with the romance and splendor of many African homes inhabited by Europeans. You may have animal heads and African Americans, preserving all the splendor stuffed animal's life, to enjoy daily.
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