Boma is a term used in South Africa today to define a thatched roofed with walls and doors and windows closed. This is host to groups of friends to enjoy stories and games and enjoy the atmosphere always linked to African wildlife, ie, furniture, lamps, books, rugs and crafts made by Aboriginal people from the region.
Our Boma is that design, while respecting the differences of use, which could give some residents hunters or not.
Our interest is to design, produce and exhibit art made with fine materials such as wood, stone, leather, fibers and even some animal parts that do not necessarily care about the death of these, recovering the spirit of nature and making it live with modern humans, so distanced from her.
Here you will find works that accompany him throughout his life, at home, barbecue area, trophy room, living room and to produce wild spirit in the atmosphere naturally and for some of you, to the exoticism of a part of the world that this disappearing and with it, romance and lifestyle.
Each of the products you find here are unique and almost unrepeatable, not their parties but by the spirit that emanates from each work done by hand.
We try as far as possible, using the finest materials and renewable, even in the case of animal skins or parts thereof, where we use the principle of incorporating only those species that come from managed and controlled and in no case, endangered species.
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